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With the #Pilotweasel

With the #Pilotweasel

A revelation about my single status

As I’ve gotten older, remaining single,  sometimes by choice and other times not so much I’m realizing how much I’m fine being single.  I know my history with women plays a big part of it.  I got 3 failed engagements, being cheated on 8 times and seeing the behavior of some women in my line of work being… how do I describe it… pure evil.

But I’m not innocent in all this.  I’ve treated some women very poorly, at times took advantage of being the radio guy.  I really hated myself for being that guy for too long. I have made amends to most. (If I missed you, or even if I didn’t,  if you walked up and kicked me in the lack of what God made me I wouldn’t blame you)

I’ve learned from my mistakes and still trying to be better.  But the funny thing is I’m starting to realize how much I’m like Papa AJ.

When I was younger my dad said flat out “If I never met your mom I would never got married.”  That phrase word for word is burned in my skull because I knew he was telling the truth.  He teared up when he said it and for a kid with a hard ass like him as a father… to see that for the first time floored me.

If he never met my mom he would still be single.  I truly believe that.

They are still married.

I do believe in marriage.  I have many examples in my life that proves it works.  Hell I live with one.

I also see many examples that it doesn’t.  Hell some of my friends are already divorced three times before 40.  Why? 

I’ve never been scared of commitment and have had some amazing women in my life.  It always sucks when you have a good one but the chemistry dies.

BUT what separates me from a lot of folks is my living situation.

I moved into the Mancuso home years ago only expecting to be here with my good friend Bob for at least 2 years.  Now I think it’s been 12 years and I’m still here. 

I have seen the kids grow up, I witnessed the first time the baby walked, hell her first word was my name.

I have, and continue to experience, the growth of one amazing family.

People hope to find that right person to build and eventually experience what I have with my family.  I’m lucky to be the fun uncle to the Mancuso kids and my blood family with my cousin Levi and his kids.

That’s what is different for me.  I have that family.  I’m in no rush to build what I already have watching my family grow.

I’m lucky to not be in a hurry to build what I got and just focus on the person that makes me go “WOW”

But if that doesn’t happen I’m fine with that.  I got the love.

End rant

So I took the clippers and now this

So I took the clippers and now this

Grrr… but yippie!

I’ve been frustrated over a lot… who hasn’t?

Now I’m finding trouble writing because I wrote about the things I was frustrated over.  But I kicked that freeloading bitch to the curb.

I’m happy the frustration is gone don’t get me wrong.  Guess it was just an easy spring to tap water from.

But where do I go now?

Guess it’s going to take time to step outside of the comfort zone and write about great things but still be funny.

Excited to see where this goes.

To be continued… 

The most frustrating thing for radio folk

In radio it’s about enticing people to listen and reward folks who listen.  Many times we get folks who deserve it.  You’ve heard them screaming throwing a fit excited they won.  To us that’s great.  It’s an amazing feeling to tell someone they won a trip to Disneyland or something like that.  But there are folks who go to the social media asking something like this…

Hey MIX, Can you win on more than one “clear channel station” in the same 30 day period? EXAMPLE: KNIX 102.5 and Mix 96.9? Is each station individual when it comes to winning?

From my perspective this is what I call a prize whore.  I get being a button pusher but still.  It upsets me as someone who works hard to get your attention.  Am I wrong?

Still angry

I just punched a hole in the wall in the bathroom. My anger is frustrating. I thought I got rid of this beast but the bitch is hanging on


I really want to fuck shit up. There are folks in my life I really want to punch the shit out of… In front of their families too.
Damn… That life stripping whore is still on my back.

The negative emotions really are like women… they rile you up and sap your energy

Damn monkey

I don’t hate anymore but that damn little bastard Frustration is still on my back like a clingy whore of an ex bleeding me dry from my wallet and gets to do so under law cause she has tits.

my vice

My vice is something I’m always there for

My vice is my bitch

My vice is something I work hard for

My vice at times, does not appreciate how hard I work for it.

I am my vice’s bitch

After tonight I realize my vice wouldn’t notice if I left.  But I will always fight for it’s attention

My vice is you.  

a random thought

You don’t live till you laugh.